Janeite Journal – the land where the bonnet roams free, the barouche runs wild and the quizzing glass skips gaily across the meadows.

This is a haven for everything Austen- from balls and books to Chawton and Chatsworth.

Discussions, observations, exlamations and literary nonsense; we’ll have it all here, hoping to bring yet another slice of Janeite sisterhood to the interweb – analysing, examining and gossiping about the Jane Culture which has pervaded the 21st century.

So if you like us, have an avid admiration for all things Austen, and frequently ask What Would Jane Do?, join us thrice weekly in a merry celebration of the resplendent Regency writer, Divine Jane herself.

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery, we quit such odious subjects as soon as we can.

Welcome, verily, from Miss Smith and Miss Wareham.

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