1 Apr 2011, by

Riveting Rhymes

We are pleased to announce that we have a new page on Janeite Journal! ‘Pemberley’s Poems’ is a collection of our favourite poems, dedicated to, or even written by the honourable Miss Jane Austen. We have also added a few of our own poems, in which we hope you will enjoy. These will mostly be the work of Miss Smith, as she is more experienced in the subject of writing and language; however, we shall all try our very best to take part in this joyous activity. Here is a small verse written by Miss Smith to start off our newly founded page…

Our fathers would banish our books to the fire
If they knew how these six filled our heads
Female authority?
New ideology?
So we hide them all under our beds.

Thankyou verily Miss Smith :) To read more riveting rhymes, please visit ‘Pemberley’s Poems’ under ‘Literary Frivolity’…

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