Flannel Waistcoats

This year marks the epic bicentennial of Austen’s first novel, Sense and Sensibility.  To celebrate this, JaneiteJournal will be posting a series of themed reviews, critiques, and general nonsense for your perusing pleasure.  S&S fans should therefore expect review of the latest homage to Elinor and Marianne- ‘Sass and Serendipity’, and JaneiteJournal’s baffled commentary on S&S adaptations past and present.  And as Miss Wareham and Miss Smith enjoy bonnet gags, sea monsters, barouche rides and jaunts to Bath as much as the next Janeites, expect a whole host of Austenian silliness to be flung this way.

In short, Sense and Sensibility will be getting the attention it so needs and deserves this year, after being horribly insulted by Sea Monsters- Colonel Brandon especially.  Would Miss Austen approve of the growing Austen culture?  Our favourite cartoonist, Kate Beaton has a few ideas.







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