As a small easter celebration, i thought it would be nice to make something which would involve Miss Jane Austen into this lovely day. After a short while of thinking and planning, i decided that the best way to do this was to create Darcy and Elizabeth decorated eggs. This was easier said than done, as bonnets are a very hard decoration to fashion, especially on a minature scale.  Captain Wentworth became a possible option; however, his naval hat would look rather silly. The idea of creating every  Pride and Prejudice character was also considered, but even i must admit that it would be taking egg decorationg to an extreme level ( perhaps another time :) ). Well, enough of my nonsensical ramblings, have a lovely Easter from Miss Wareham and Miss Smith. x

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This is a dated video indeed now, but we have much admired it for some time.  So without preamble or explanation, for it truly needs none, please take great pleasure in this short skit, a perfect April Fool’s, for none would expect the course this film takes to be true:-

Hope you enjoyed it- please see other amusing Jane Austen vids on our Moving Pictures > Videos page.

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13 Mar 2011, by

Jane’s Places


After a very long time searching for the camera cable, I have finally uploaded the first editions to our Jane’s Places section. I apologise for my tardiness Miss Austen, it shall not happen again.

Jane’s Places is the section of our website where we upload photos of Austen related street names, shops, road signs e.t.c. There is quite a number of said places around our town, and it is our duty as Janeites to seek them out and capture them on film. Not only does it make small outings and country walks much more enjoyable, but it also aids us in worshipping Jane wherever we go. This activity; however, can be highly dangerous, as it may cause unexpected swoons in public areas. It is recommended that you travel with a fellow Janeite, and have a small supply of smelling salts stashed in your vintage handbag, just in case. Although it would be a wonderful occurrence, it is highly unlikely that Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth will sweep you up into his arms and ride into the sunset. If this did happen, your Janeite friend would not be a true Janeite unless she ran off with your handsome Austen hero and left you lying on the pavement; your bonnet twisted and your shawl entangled around your legs.

My first of Jane’s places left me grinning like a fool and immediately contacting Miss Smith to share my news of THE DARCY SHOP. Yes, such a place does exist. As well as having a glorious name, the shop itself it filled with beautiful wedding dresses and sparkling shoes. What more could a girl ask for? Well, the real Mr Darcy would be nice, but this will suffice. A glow emitted from this beautiful place of sanctuary and manliness(that is no word of a lie, honest!:P). This is a perfect addition to Janeite Journal and a lovely start to the Jane’s Places page.

To see more Austen related places please visit the Jane’s Places page.

Miss Warehamx

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This is our first book review for the blog, so we decided on a book which we all loved…

Romantic dilemmas, handsome young men, a Jane Austen conference, and two chickens named Freddy and Fitz; A Weekend With Mr Darcy is the perfect weekend read for any janeite. Victoria Connelly’s  UK debut novel is lifted out of the usual chick- flick entertainment with her thorough knowledge of Jane Austen’s world.

Two unlucky in love protagonists, Katherine Roberts and Robyn Love are faced with an unforgettable journey of love, heartbreak and the life of the author we all know and love; Miss Jane Austen.

What develops over the course of an entertaining weekend set in Hampshire, is a true comedy of errors, complete with romantic entanglements, gender misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and of course, men on horseback.

To read more on this book review, visit the book review section in literary frivolity…

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Look at the waistcoat...

Benedict Cumberbatch is seriously in the running for the title of The Bloke What Looks Best In A Waistcoat

He’s not the new Darcy, unfortunately.  He’s playing Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster on stage , alternating with Johnny Lee Miller (our most recent Mr Knightley.)

The ‘Sherlock’ star is building up a massive fangirl following, which I, as an ardent admirer of a proud, tall man with a mass of curly hair and a quick wit am determined to be part of.

I know it’s not Jane Austen- it’s Frankenstein,which is not a cheerful novel- trust me I’ve had to study it.

But he does look splendid in a cravat.

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