Eating a bar of chocolate whilst watching Mr Darcy in a wet shirt can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, but what happens if there is a power cut? What would you do if your copy of Persuasion is nowhere to be found? How does one cope in situations like this?

Austen’s Real Men is a product made by the editors here at Janeite Journal as a little treat for those moments when your favourite Austen classic is unavailable. Wet shirts, cravates, and even marriage proposals are mixed with a hint of chocolate to give you the ultimate Jane Austen fix. Never again shall you be without alone at a bus stop without a way of being with the endearing Captain Wentworth or the dashing Mr Knightly. Traces of scandal may also be discovered for those Janeites who perfer the likes of Wickham and Willoughby.

Warning: Austen’s Real Men cannot be purchased and has a high risk of side effects (swooning, hallucinations e.t.c).

To view more images of the choloclate bar, please visit the craft page…

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We at JaneiteJournal were so excited yesterday that our bonnets almost blew off.  The news reached our ears that our favourite Duchess, Kate Middleton, is in fact related to our favourite author, Miss Jane Austen herself!

They are, unfortunately, just obscurely related; eleventh cousins six times removed.  I am pleased to say, I don’t even know what that means, or whether Royal protocol would have dictated Austen bowed, curtseyed, scraped or purchased a wedding gift from John Lewis.

Kate Middleton, everyone knew, couldn’t really be classed as a commoner, whether or not she was titled.  It wasn’t as if she was shoplifting in Primark when HRH Prince William noticed her, so it’s hardly come as a surprise that she is descended from the 15th century2nd Earl of Northumberland.  It is through this prestigious name that she is linked to Miss Austen herself.

However, to discover that Jane Austen had such noble lineage is a happy accident.  What would Mrs Austen have said?  She would have been delighted!  She did, after all, have an aristocratic nose. She knew she was high born.  It is a fitting connection indeed, as just about all of Austen’s stories’ heroines aspire to marry a man of higher rank than them.

So, has Kate Middleton somehow followed in the family footsteps?  She is after all, a modern day fairytale; an ordinary girl gets the prince.  A true love story with a happy ending beloved all over the world.  The Royal Wedding or Pride and Prejudice?

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For I’m sure I’ll just swoon any second now. That’s what we lady writers do. Sentimental-that’s what we are, apparently. No woman writer is ‘the literary match’ of a certain (and I use this term loosely) gentleman. For as we are not the head of a household, this comes across in our utterly feeble and inferior writings. Apparently, so obivious are our deficiencies, that within a paragraph or two of reading, Naipaul can tell whether or not it was written by a woman.

Are we doing something wrong? Should we make it more evident that we are lady writers?

How about those tampons, girls, am i right?

Miss Austen wrote that angry people are not always wise, but statements like the ones made my Naipaul make half of the population pretty angry. Although since we’re sooo sentimental, perhaps we should just get upset instead.

Maybe we should just go over into this corner and cry under our parasols because we are so totally eclipsed by his majesty and then talk about our feelings as we eat cake.
jane might not have been a Nobel Prize winner, but lets see whose books are still on the Classics shelves in 200 years time. The hearts and minds of the entire world, generation after generation for two centuries can only be captured by a truly superior writer.

My money’s on Miss Austen, but until the bet is settled, I’ll just get back to my tea party, shall I?

Wow, those bras ladies- they’re pretty crazy. What’s up with them?

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Presents open-air garden theatre UK and Ireland 2011, at some of the most beautiful venues the UK and Ireland have to offer. Included in these, is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility by Laura Turner!

Chapterhouse Theatre Company is touring five wonderful new productions across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, from June to Septemnber 2011. In a season of magical, mysterious and romantic characters, Chapterhouse is performing some of the best-loved stories of literature. They pride themselves on producing accessible, traditional but innovative shows that have entertained thousands of theatregoers throughout the UK and Ireland.

played to perfection” Worthing Herald 2011

‘Don’t miss…the perfect evening’ The Daily Express

We ourselves, as cultured Janeites, visted Chapterhouse’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice earlier this year. We thought it to be a wonderful performance, and a truly brilliant night out. Get yourselves down to an upcoming performance, and you are guaranteed to enjoy yourselves on a fine summer evening. Jane commands you! Please remember your bonnets and parasols, sunburn is not attractive or at all fashionable for young ladies. If you wish to read Miss Smith’s review of Pride and Prejudice, please visit the play reviews page under Literary Frivolity.

For more information, please visit the Upcoming Performances page under Literary Frivolity at the top of the blog…

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First of all, let us extend our sincere apologies for not posting for such a long time. Miss Wareham and I have been very busy studying. Mary Bennet would be proud. However, I have a spare moment of procrastinaction to tell you lovely janeites some staggering news.

The original manuscript for Jane Austen’s early, unfinished novel ‘The Watsons’ is going up for auction and is expected to fetch £200,000 -£300,000! (That’s about $485,000 for our friends across the pond.)

It’s the earliest surviving manuscript of Jane Austen and any janeite worth their salt would give the worth of Pemberley just to be in its presence. It’s famous for showing Miss Austen’s idiosyncratic use (or not) of grammar, devil-may-care spelling, and iconic tiny almost illegible yet stunning handwriting.

Imagine seeing, let alone owning, the thought process of Jane Austen tracked on a piece of paper; crossings out, ink blots, spills and stains next to notes in the margin and corrections…and ooh, I’m getting a little flustered. The luckiest highest bidder will be privy to a masterpiece in the making, as anyone who has ever read The Watsons will have been able to tell it was developing into something just as magificent as The Great Six.

As much as I would like to be that fortunate (in more than one sense of the word) highest bidder, £300,000 is more than I would like to pay for a house. On the moon. If all the janeites had a whip round, by my calculations we could buy it and share it for a penny each- there are so many of us worldwide.

One small flaw though. How would we decide who got to keep it? Many a parasol would be used for no good if THAT became an issue.

Keep reading- we promise more regular updates soon. Remember:
“Know your own happiness. Want for nothing but patience — or give it a more fascinating name: Call it hope.”

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As a small easter celebration, i thought it would be nice to make something which would involve Miss Jane Austen into this lovely day. After a short while of thinking and planning, i decided that the best way to do this was to create Darcy and Elizabeth decorated eggs. This was easier said than done, as bonnets are a very hard decoration to fashion, especially on a minature scale.  Captain Wentworth became a possible option; however, his naval hat would look rather silly. The idea of creating every  Pride and Prejudice character was also considered, but even i must admit that it would be taking egg decorationg to an extreme level ( perhaps another time :) ). Well, enough of my nonsensical ramblings, have a lovely Easter from Miss Wareham and Miss Smith. x

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1 Apr 2011, by

Gowns Galore!

Wanting to attend the Jane Austen Festival 2011 in Bath? Can’t find any regency gowns in your closet? Then look no further, the Jane Austen Centre is at your service.

Andrea Galer, Award winning designer who has created the costumes for ITV’s Perusasion (2007), BBC’s Miss Austen Regrets (2007) and the film Mansfield Park (1999) to name but a few, has given us the chance to puchase one of her wonderful designs. These beautiful dresses are enough to turn any young Darcy’s head at this years festival.

For more information, please visit the ‘Inspired by Jane’ page under ‘Barton Cottage Industries’…

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This is a dated video indeed now, but we have much admired it for some time.  So without preamble or explanation, for it truly needs none, please take great pleasure in this short skit, a perfect April Fool’s, for none would expect the course this film takes to be true:-

Hope you enjoyed it- please see other amusing Jane Austen vids on our Moving Pictures > Videos page.

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1 Apr 2011, by

Riveting Rhymes

We are pleased to announce that we have a new page on Janeite Journal! ‘Pemberley’s Poems’ is a collection of our favourite poems, dedicated to, or even written by the honourable Miss Jane Austen. We have also added a few of our own poems, in which we hope you will enjoy. These will mostly be the work of Miss Smith, as she is more experienced in the subject of writing and language; however, we shall all try our very best to take part in this joyous activity. Here is a small verse written by Miss Smith to start off our newly founded page…

Our fathers would banish our books to the fire
If they knew how these six filled our heads
Female authority?
New ideology?
So we hide them all under our beds.

Thankyou verily Miss Smith :) To read more riveting rhymes, please visit ‘Pemberley’s Poems’ under ‘Literary Frivolity’…

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I do not know about my fellow janeites but I am obsessed with seeking out gorgeous little hand made things on etsy to do with Divine Jane, so publisher Penguin’s latest venture with its Autumn 2011 collection ‘Penguin Threads’ is just a dream come true.
  This is a collection of the beautiful books with covers based on original hand-sewn designs.  Only three classics were chosen for the collection; Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty and Jane Austen’s Emma!
It is the first time that Emma will be published all by herself as a standalone edition.

It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen, and so skillfully and meticulously hand crafted that it’s unbelievable.  It’s so nice to see books like this- almost bespoke in their design, rather than everything becoming digital, which is exactly what I was lamenting in my last post.

Penguin commissioned artist Jillian Tamaki to design these covers.  What a spectacular job she did- they’re so cute!

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