Persuasion 2007

Persuasion 2007:

Through the eyes of a Janeite began while watching the 2007 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. After many efforts in trying to make Captain Wentworth see sense, and complaining about Elizabeth’s head- basket (noone will ever know what that thing is), I thought ‘Why is noone writing this down?’ So here it is, a collection of screencaps annotated with the opinions of a very diligent yet humble janeite, who is truly and utterly besotted with Captain Frederick Wenworth (you can’t beat a handwritten letter like his).

There we have it, the end of Persuasion through the eyes of a Janeite. Hopefully it has entertained you for a while. Now i shall get back to work on the many other Jane Austen adaptations (whilst crying in the corner screaming “Please! No more screencaps!”).  Mansfield Park 2007  I think should be next. Well, mabye I’ll watch Persuasion one more time…