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New or updated posts can be viewed on the main homepage of the Janeite Journal. The main page displays the last 10 posts or less depending on the length (some discussions can be very long). To view an individual post  or the full article with associated comments, click on the post title or image if there is one showing. Older posts can be accessed via the archives, which are sorted into the month of publication. After 21 days, the post and all comments will be filed under a related category.

A list of archives can be viewed on the sidebar at the right- hand side of the page. The most recent month shall be displayed at the top of the list.

To read comments for a particular post, click on the “Comments” link at the bottom of the post.

Leaving Comments

Comments can be added to any post published within the last 21 days. To keep the blog organised, the comment facility for older posts will be automatically closed. However, the associated comments will remain visible on older posts, as the views of fellow janeites are immensley important and shall be stored forever.

We do not require an email address when leaving comments; however, it would give the editors a chance to reply to any queries or contact you in the future. All contact information will be private and strictly for the editors’ sole purposes.

To leave a comment, please type your information into the appropriate fields, which will then be displayed  below the typing area as a preview. When it is ready, click “Submit Comment.”

The Janeite Journal editors reserve the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason; we shall not to abuse this right. Abuse or hurtful remarks to any janeite shall be removed and replaced with a warning that Janeites are highly dangerous, especially to the likes of Mr Collins.

News, links and your views are welcome at all times and we would be grateful if anyone would like to suggest future posts.

Leaving Comments