About Us

A little about the founders of Janeite Journal…

Miss Smith
Miss Smith is an Eilzabeth Bennet no matter how hard she tries to be Elinor Dashwood but ssh, it’s a secret.  She enjoys reading, procrastinating, eating, procrastinating and speaking fragmented French at random passers by.  She cannot attract a boyfriend despite taking ill-advised tumbles down hills in the rain. She wishes she was as accomplished as her friends but nevertheless takes delight in vexing them.  She lives in the gritty North, but has many accents.

Miss Wareham
Miss Wareham is a Mrs Wentworth through and through, though is frequently chided for her penchant for a Mr Edmund Bertram.  However, she is not to be reasoned with, and is firm in her belief that he is The Business.  She is highly accomplished in the arts of drawing, painting and making fiddly little crafty things which make her friends think she has a secret allegiance with The Fairies.  She lives in the gritty North, but is nowhere near gritty herself.

Janeite Journal
This here Janeite Journal was started as a way of being able to share the lurve of Jane.  It is the perfect excuse to increase our Janeite activities to dangerous levels; baking, crafting and writing in homage to the Divine Jane.  It is also the perfect way to make sure two best friends stay in touch for as long as the internet exists.