Jane Craft

This is where we thought it would be nice to show our own Jane Austen craft; many of which are simple to make. Did we mention that this is a free past-time? Anything we make is most likely to be made from materials which we have owned for a very long while. Austen craft does not have to be expensive. We hope you enjoy our humble crafty corner.

Easter Eggs

For a little easter treat, I created Darcy and Elizabeth inspired easter eggs. This was easier said than done, as bonnets are a very hard decoration to fashion, especially on a minature scale.  Captain Wentworth became a possible option; however, his naval hat would look rather silly. The idea of creating every  Pride and Prejudice character was also considered, but even I must admit that it would be taking egg decorationg to an extreme level (perhaps another time).  The eggs are mostly made made from old pieces of card; however, the hair is made from plasticine. I have also added small gems, feathers and a ribbon for Lizzie’s bonnet (she must indeed look tolerable for a man with ten thousand a year).


Chocolate Bar

Eating a bar of chocolate whilst watching Mr Darcy in a wet shirt can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, but what happens if there is a power cut? What would you do if your copy of Persuasion is nowhere to be found? How does one cope in situations like this?

Austen’s Real Men is a product made by the editors here at Janeite Journal as a little treat for those moments when your favourite Austen classic is unavailable. Wet shirts, cravates, and even marriage proposals are mixed with a hint of chocolate to give you the ultimate Jane Austen fix. Never again shall you be without alone at a bus stop without a way of being with the endearing Captain Wentworth or the dashing Mr Knightly. Traces of scandal may also be discovered for those Janeites who perfer the likes of Wickham and Willoughby.

Warning: Austen’s Real Men cannot be purchased and has a high risk of side effects (swooning, hallucinations e.t.c).