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After a very long time searching for the camera cable, I have finally uploaded the first editions to our Jane’s Places section. I apologise for my tardiness Miss Austen, it shall not happen again.

Jane’s Places is the section of our website where we upload photos of Austen related street names, shops, road signs e.t.c. There is quite a number of said places around our town, and it is our duty as Janeites to seek them out and capture them on film. Not only does it make small outings and country walks much more enjoyable, but it also aids us in worshipping Jane wherever we go. This activity; however, can be highly dangerous, as it may cause unexpected swoons in public areas. It is recommended that you travel with a fellow Janeite, and have a small supply of smelling salts stashed in your vintage handbag, just in case. Although it would be a wonderful occurrence, it is highly unlikely that Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth will sweep you up into his arms and ride into the sunset. If this did happen, your Janeite friend would not be a true Janeite unless she ran off with your handsome Austen hero and left you lying on the pavement; your bonnet twisted and your shawl entangled around your legs.

My first of Jane’s places left me grinning like a fool and immediately contacting Miss Smith to share my news of THE DARCY SHOP. Yes, such a place does exist. As well as having a glorious name, the shop itself it filled with beautiful wedding dresses and sparkling shoes. What more could a girl ask for? Well, the real Mr Darcy would be nice, but this will suffice. A glow emitted from this beautiful place of sanctuary and manliness(that is no word of a lie, honest!:P). This is a perfect addition to Janeite Journal and a lovely start to the Jane’s Places page.

To see more Austen related places please visit the Jane’s Places page.

Miss Warehamx


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