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When I said I wanted you to lose weight...

Just a note to say that the final book in the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies trilogy: Dreadfully Ever After was realeased today.

The story starts after the marriage of zombie slaying Lizzy and Darcy, but ‘the honeymoon has barely begun’  when the Pemberley inhabitants are faced with yet another horde of unmentionables to behead.  However, Mr Darcy is infected by the dreadful affliciton which has turned Regency England into a horror film when bitten by a rampaging zombie.  Elizabeth, rather than beheading her husband immediately, decides to pursue the news of a miracle antidote being developed in London- chasing the last chance to save her true love.

Sounds good.  JaneiteJournal will have a review of this novel just as soon as one of us can purchase it.

For more info, or to buy, try www.quirkclassics.com


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